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ABCA is the organization we are going to use to train our managers and coaches.

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New Bat Standards

Here is the information for the new bat standards from Little League itself. We are hoping this will answer all your questions about the new bat regulations.

Please help our league rebuild - GoFundMe Link

We have so much work to do to bring Lomita Little League back to what it once was. We have several projects ongoing and they all require money. The fields are in critical shape and the biggest hurdle we face is the extreme cost of water. Your help is critically needed. Please click the banner above - it will link to our GoFundMe page. It will mean so much to our kids.

    Lomita Little League

    The children are our future. Today’s little leaguers are tomorrow’s potential leaders.  Little League is a tool, that if used effectively, can broaden the foundation set forth by the parents and coaches of our young leaders. Lomita Little League has been such a tool for 65 years.

    Young boys and girls have participated in “OUR” local little league. Volunteers from all over our community have donated their time, talent, energy, passion, and yes, their money to ensure that Lomita Little League will continue to develop young boys and girls that will enhance the community in which we live.

    Contact... us at:

    Lomita Little League

    Phone: 310-831-3838

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